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Carol Denker

Stories and Portraits of Love after 50


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Joe Dunn & Mali Apple

2012 Living Now Awards Silver Medal Winner in the "Relationships/Marriage" category


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Ron Gentile

Should You Stay, Go or Improve Your Relationship?

ISBN: B0049P1OD4

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Mira Kirshenbaum

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Ali Binazir

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Bible Relationships

Finding Your Soul Mate

The Joy of Great Sex, 
True Love & Lasting Intimacy

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Bible Relationships

We all have questions, some of them very hard questions about relationships as well as about life. When you retire to your bed at night, with your head lying on your pillow, there will be a few relationship questions which will be running through deep through your mind. Among the questions which people ask include: how do I know God? how I find inner peace and satisfaction? What about life’s purpose. What is prayer and how do I know what God wants for me?

Bible Relationships by TD Jakezs offers guidelines about the troubles and relationship problems which we face in everyday life. The kinds of answers which our soul requires should be based on factual answers as well as the truth. You can learn about how to forgive someone who has wronged you in a relationship, the steps which you can take so as to mend your r broken relationships and understanding the person you will need to talk to and confide in when your wall seems to be falling apart. The best news, from the most unlikely sources is that all the answers to the above questions can be found in the word of God.

We are not able to use our power and strength to figure out about this and. Bible Relationships lets you know what you need on the journey which you will go on to discover God, its words, truth and learning his purpose in your life. You can only discover God based on the words that are written in his book. According to Bishop T.D Jakes, the Word of God, from Genesis all the way to revelation is the longest love story which has ever been told. The word of God talks about how man and woman were created and about their intimate relationship with God. This is what forms the basic foundation of our life. Bible Relationships by TD Jakes explores real life issues and provides teachings that are grounded on the word of God.

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